Saturday, 24 January 2015

Bag of the Month club '15 Prizes!!!

Hello 2015 Bag of the Month Club members!

The prizes have all been organized for this year's contest and we are proud to announce that our amazing sponsors have been very generous and we are lucky to be able to provide 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place prizes for each of the 6 bag designs, as well as 6 randomly drawn prizes.

To Enter: 
If you are a club member, please link up your completed bag photos to the FLICKR GROUP by July 15th, 2015. You can enter as many bags as you like, but they must be bags from the Bag of the Month 2015 club offering only. Upload a couple of clear photos of your bag so we can see inside and out and feel free to link to your blog, website or shop listing.

Judging will be done slightly different than last year. This year the designers will work together to pick several finalists for each bag design, and we will have public voting to choose the winners. More details will come closer to July. (If you are not a member, it's not too late to join, just CLICK HERE and you can read all about it.  The past month's patterns will be sent to you after payment.)

Our Sponsors:

The Prizes: 
(All $ Amounts are in the form of Gift Certificates.)

January Bag Pattern - by Samantha from Sewing Patterns by Mrs. H.
1st Prize: $25.00 from the Fat Quarter Shop & $25.00 from Emmaline Bags
2nd Prize: $20.00 from & $25.00 from the Fat Quarter Shop
3rd Prize: 3 PDF patterns of your choice by Samantha Hussey
February Bag Pattern - by Sara from Sew Sweetness
1st Prize: $25.00 from Hawthorne Threads & $25.00 Emmaline Bags
2nd Prize: $20.00 from & Sara Lawson's upcoming book "Windy City Bags"
3rd Prize: 3 PDF patterns of your choice by Sara Lawson

March Bag Pattern - by Anna from Noodlehead
1st Prize: $25.00 from the Fat Quarter Shop & $25.00 Emmaline Bags
2nd Prize: $20.00 from & Anna Graham's upcoming book "Handmade Style"
3rd Prize: 3 PDF patterns of your choice by Anna Graham

April Bag Pattern - by Janelle from Emmaline Bags
1st Prize: $25.00 from Hawthorne Threads & $25.00 Emmaline Bags
2nd Prize: $20.00 from & $25.00 from the Fat Quarter Shop
3rd Prize: 3 PDF patterns of your choice by Janelle MacKay

May Bag Pattern - by Betz White
1st Prize: $25.00 from the Fat Quarter Shop & $25.00 Emmaline Bags
2nd Prize: $20.00 from & Betz White's book "Present Perfect: 25 Gifts to Sew & Bestow"
3rd Prize: 3 PDF patterns of your choice by Betz White

June Bag Pattern - By Christine from Chris W. Designs
1st Prize: $25.00 Hawthorne Threads & $25.00 Emmaline Bags
2nd Prize: $20.00 from & $25.00 from Hawthorne Threads
3rd Prize: 3 PDF patterns of your choice by Christine Welsh

Randomly Drawn Prizes:
$50.00 Gift Certificate from the Online Fabric Store
$50.00 Gift Certificate from the Online Fabric Store

(1) Free “Weekend Duffle” class on, by Betz White 

(3) 3-in-1 Betsy Bag Patterns by Betsy LaHonta, provided by C&T Publishing

Thank you so much to the Fat Quarter Shop,, Hawthorne Threads, the Online Fabric Store, & C&T Publishing, PLUS - my fellow bag designers Sara Lawson, Janelle MacKay, Christine Welsh, Betz White and Anna Graham for your wonderful prize contributions!!  Let the bag making begin!

Friday, 23 January 2015

The Pleather Queen

Have you all heard of the Pleather Queen? No? I'm surprised!

Ok, really it's just a nickname that I have for Liz from Moments blog.

With the Companion Carpet bag being the bag of the month this month, Liz reminded me she's got some great tutorials for using pleather and vinyl to make your handles for the bag.

(All images were stolen from Liz without her permission!)

How to make basic faux leather handles

Thick faux leather into a strap

Round faux leather handles

Companion carpet bag faux leather handles

She's also got tutorials on working with pleather and her many bag making adventures! Pop over and check them out!

5 years...

Friday, 16 January 2015

Silver & Pink Companion Carpet Bag

I usually like to test my patterns thoroughly, but this time I just couldn't stop making carpet bags!

Here's another version in silver upholstery fabric with pink leather buckle and straps. This is the 'large' size using a 12" internal tubular frame.

Last year I signed up for the Pay it forward thing on facebook where you commit to do something nice for a few people in exchange for them doing something nice for someone else. I can't even remember who it was that was meant to be doing something nice for me but I'm sure they'll remember and surprise me!
(If you signed up for mine and I haven't surprised you yet, don't worry, I haven't forgotten you!)

One of the girls who signed up for mine is fabulously feminine and so when I saw this silver upholstery fabric in my stash I knew straight away what I would do for her.

I love the barrel hinges on these internal tubular frames. You can get them from 3DAN on etsy. His customer service is excellent!

The hinges are spring loaded so they stay closed or stay open easily.

I used a plain pink solid that I already had in my stash for the lining. I put two regular slip pockets and one zipped pocket inside as per the pattern.

I also used the pink from the lining for the frame channels as a bit of contrast.

Here's the large and small bags together so that you can see the size difference. Both are very roomy inside!

If you'd like to join the Bag of the Month club you still can, you can find more info on my blog post here.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Washed earth convertible bag

Remember my contribution to the Bag of the Month club last year? It was the Convertible bag pattern.

Well just before Christmas a friend of mine asked me to make him some to give as gifts. This is the first one I completed.

I had trouble working out which was was up because the birds are in all directions!

I used Robert Kaufman Washed linen in Earth for the outer (and the lining as it happens) and the pocket fabric came from Kerry @ Pennydog Patchwork. I thought I'd kept the selvedge so that I could tell you what it was but I can't find it!

As with all convertible bags it can be worn on your shoulder, cross body, or by threading the strap through the back tunnel, as a small backpack.

Hopefully the gift recipient was happy with it, I thought it looked very subtle and store bought in the solid colour with contrast pocket!

I'm really pleased with the convertible pattern, if you want to make your own you can find the pattern on Patterns to Print here.